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What is available for researchers


This site contains medical images and reports that have been de-identified and anonymized and contributed to the public domain. There are no restrictions on their use. Anyone may download them. There is no data use agreement required to be signed. No login is necessary.

Download Process

The available images are packaged as bzip'd tar files containing one or more studies and their accompanying documentation.

Mostly commonly, these packaged sets contain a single study in DICOM format files, and may or may not contain accompanying report documents. The latter, if present, will most commonly be DICOM secondary capture files if they were provided as scanned paper documents by the contributor.

The files are accessible via http. Please be judicious about how you download them in order to conserve our bandwidth and the load on our server. We recommend that you use tools such as wget to download the entire file only once, so that you are able to restart downloading from where you left off, and need to download only what is new or has changed. For further details see the downloading section of the FAQ.

A summary of all available files can be found on the "downloads available" page.